Candidate Assessments




We've all seen people who've made it through the interview process who quite simply shouldn't have.


Recruitment is a costly process. You need to ensure that you're hiring the right person for the job. Those in charge of recruitment may not be qualified and/or experienced to the level of the position they're recruiting; this is sometimes the case when recruiting for senior sea going positions such as Captain and Chief Engineer. Some positions require a specialised skill set that may be niche; such as those in charge of on board finance.

The reasons may be more practical than that. Maybe your resident field expert is on leave at the time of a scheduled interview.

Sometimes additional assurance is simply enough of a reason on its own.




Using digital platforms our team can sit in on candidate interviews and provide feedback to ensure that the person fits the bill. We'll be sure to agree on our remit prior to the interview. We can ask questions, interject where we feel it's needed or merely sit quietly; observe and give our opinions once the interview is over; whichever you'd prefer. If you have policies and procedures regarding interviews or a specific HR process it'd be helpful to have access to these prior to the interview. Tell us which position you're interviewing for and we'll put you in touch with the right member of our team.

We quote for Remote Candidate Assessment on an hourly basis. We can also make ourselves available to participate in face-to-face interviews where possible.

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