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Management Systems



Management systems form a huge part of modern day operations. Ensuring they're compliant is one thing. Ensuring they're good is another!

Let's take a typical SMS; more than likely this will also include a company's 'Quality' element as well. It may even aim to conform with an additional standard such as ISO 9001 or 14001 - maybe both. Before long the management system can become unruly. Ultimately, unruly management systems can lead to compliance issues. With the best will in the world if end-users can't navigate the management system easily they can miss things. At best this may result in an audit finding, at worst it could lead to an incident or accident.


We have an analogy regarding Management Systems that we'd like to share.

The town of Fira in Santorini was designed to confuse potential plunderers. The layout is purposefully illogical. Whilst it has all the requirements of a town (Post Office, Bank etc) they aren't easy to find and visitors need a lot of help successfully negotiating the streets and finding their way. Compare this to a modern city with a gird like layout. Despite being exponentially bigger and significantly more complex it's far easier to navigate. Users don't need to memorise where things are if they're easy to find. They don't need to constantly stop and ask the locals where the post office is; they'll find it themselves.

We'll help your management system be less Santorini and more... well... you know what we mean.


Our team will engage with you first to ascertain the scope of work. Whether this is tidying up an existing Management System or creating a new one. Maybe it's streamlining a process that was involved in a near miss to prevent reoccurrence. Or even reviewing a 'permit to work' system to make it more practical and less of a burden to complete.

We'll help to create compliant policy that's user friendly. The more user friendly it is... the more people will use it.


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