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Operational Assessments


Many reasons! Let’s start with Safety and Security; our team can visit a ship or site to not only determine whether your safety policies and procedures are being met but also look at wider legislation on the whole. We can look at your Safety Culture, view activities, ask questions, get feedback from your employees and see how they feel the system works for them. Employee engagement is key for developing and enhancing healthy safety culture.

With Navigational and Engine Control Room assessments not only can we, again, look to see if policies and procedures are being followed but we can also appraise levels of competency and ensure that Bridge/Engine Resource Management is effective. Incorporating industry best practice is a good way to ensure your BRM/ERM policies are robust.

Guest and Passenger Operations are also included. We can participate in Shorex programmes and review them from any angle. Your Retail outlets could also be scrutinised to ensure they’re maximising their revenue potential as well as providing the correct guest experience.

Holistic Product Assessments give an owner/operator insight into how your product is working as a whole and what it looks like from an outside perspective; this is particularly useful when owners employ concessions to operate elements of their product on their behalf. Whilst companies can gain feedback from customers this isn’t always unbiased. We’ll give frank, concise feedback from the point of view of professionals who are qualified and experienced in the fields we’re assessing.

Operational assessments aren’t audits. They’re not checking compliance against a system. They’re checking as to whether something is good and, more importantly, whether it can be better.


Our team will engage with you first to ascertain whether there are any specific areas of focus you’d like us to concentrate on. It’d help if certain access was granted to company policies and procedures in order to gain an understanding of the operation. One or two of our team will then embark on your vessel or visit your site to undertake the assessment. The depth of the project will determine the number of days this takes. We’re experienced in the industry so we understand issues like itineraries and cabin allocations – we’ll work around these and be as flexible as we can to ensure your needs are met and expectations (hopefully) exceeded.

Tell us what you want and we’ll come up with a solution that suits your needs as well as your budget. When it comes to operational assessments we can provide different quotes for differing depths of assessment. We’re even able to offer some operational assessments remotely.

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