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Let's face it... the exam you're about to sit is  most likely, to date, the  most important exam of your life.   For some,  it may even be the most important day!    For that reason you'll want to be as prepared as possible.    

Confidence comes not only through knowledge, but knowing how and when to apply that knowledge.    The exam  is different to any classroom setting and it's imperative that you not only know your subject matter but also how to articulate it to the examiner .

Practising subject matter with friends is good, but practising one-on-one in an exam style situation is better!




Using digital platforms our team  will subject you to similar questions that you're likely to face in a real exam in a one-on-one environment. 

Whether you're looking for a mock style exam in the run up to the big day or a series of  sessions to build confidence over time our tutors will prepare you to ensure that you walk out of that room with a 'pass' on your NOE. 

You tell us what you want.    It's your time after all.    If you want to focus on one topic or let us choose the questions then let us know.  


Our team consists of a variety of individuals, from serving  Masters and Officers   to College lecturers, between us we've  done (almost) everything.   

Book an individual session or arrange for your study group to participate in a group session. 

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